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In tough economic times, people tell you that you're lucky to have any job at all. But if you're being subjected to unfair work practices, you may not feel so lucky. In fact, you might even feel like quitting. If you're being mistreated in the workplace hierarchy, you may fear you'll lose your job if you confront the issue. The unfortunate truth is, in many cases, you could lose your job anyway.

When you need to stand up for what is right, Cable Gallagher has the experience and the well-earned knowledge of California employment law to help get you out from underneath the weight of unfair labor practices. With more than 30 years of combined experience in the Sacramento Valley, we are committed to securing the compensation you may be owed to help you move on to a more positive phase of your working life. We are adept litigators who work not only in employment law, but also in business law and personal injury. Contact us toll free at 800-618-5571 or email us to find out how we can help you find resolution for your situation.

You Have A Right To Fairness At Work

In a weak economy, it can be hard for employees facing serious challenges at work to simply get up and leave. But workplace issues can take place in any kind of economy. Our firm can help you achieve clarity about your particular situation and provide strong representation for a variety of employment-related charges, including:

We also represent business owners facing management-level issues, including:

Everybody deserves to work under fair and transparent conditions. If a situation at work is making it difficult for you to do your job, or if you suspect that you are being systematically mistreated, come talk to a lawyer. We can inform you of your rights and help you get to a better place.

Fight Back For What Is Right

We offer free initial consultations, so you can come in and find out if you have a case worth pursuing. Contact us toll free at 800-618-5571, or use our email form to make an appointment with an attorney at our Folsom office.