Business Tort Attorney

It's hard to be a self-made man (or woman) if a third party is interfering with your business in a way that could damage your reputation or profits. At Cable Gallagher, we represent clients who are facing the sabotaging effects of business torts. Business torts are legal issues that threaten the well-being of companies indirectly by interfering with their business or contractual relationships. Business torts are a far cry from "healthy competition." They are illegal business practices that require legal intervention. If your business is suffering because of the destructive actions of someone else, we can help.

The Many Faces Of Torts

Business torts are varied, and can include anything that damages a business relationship through underhanded means. Here are three possible business tort scenarios:

  • Company X has two salesmen: Rob and Bob. While Rob and Bob are out on Company X business, they tell customers that Company X has changed its name to Company Y and lowered its prices. In fact, Rob and Bob own Company Y. The old customers then leave Company X for Company Y under false pretenses.
  • Coffee Shop C gets its beans from B Beans. Coffee Shop D also wants to get beans from B Beans. Next time Coffee Shop C goes to B Beans, it tells B Beans that Coffee Shop D exploits its workers and violates health codes. B Beans decides not to sell to Coffee Shop D.
  • Alice works at The Pie Shack, which makes pies with a patented crust recipe. Julie steals the pie crust recipe and opens Julie's Pies using the patented recipe.

There can be many variations or combinations of business torts that a company may face, including:

  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Fraud
  • Predatory pricing schemes
  • Misrepresentation
  • Unfair competition
  • Embezzling
  • Interference with contracts

It can be hard enough to make a business work even when you don't have a third party trying to edge you out illegally. Avoid the bankruptcy lawyers and see one of our experienced business tort attorneys first.

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