Partnership Dispute Attorney

A business partnership is a relationship, which, like any other relationship, can encounter conflict. Disagreements between business partners can damage not just the relationship between the partners, but also the bottom line of the company as well as employee morale. Having a strong partnership agreement in place can help keep disputes from spiraling out of control, but they are not a guarantee. At Cable Gallagher, we are experienced business law attorneys who know how to nip partnership agreements in the bud before they do damage to your company or reputation. Email us or call us for a free initial consultation at 800-618-5571.

When You Can't All Just Get Along

Many partnership disagreements happen when partners with an equal stake in a company end up taking on unequal business-related workloads. This is fine until money disputes arise, at which point each partner has a different idea about how much money he or she is owed. Other partnership conflicts can crop up when:

  • A partner does extra non-business-related work on the side
  • A partner uses a company credit card for personal expenses
  • Partners disagree over how to sell the business

Whether you need to reach a breach of partnership agreement or dissolve the partnership altogether, our knowledgeable attorneys at Cable Gallagher can help. Take a step toward healing the rift in your business today, and schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Folsom, California, partnership dispute lawyers.

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