Disability Discrimination Attorney

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees or potential employees on the basis of physical or mental disabilities. Employers are also required to make "reasonable accommodations" for disabled employees who are otherwise able to perform the duties of their jobs. For example, installing a wheelchair ramp could constitute a reasonable accommodation for a person who works in an office. For a person who is legally blind, a guide dog could qualify as a reasonable accommodation. Disability discrimination applies not just to physical disability, but also to certain mental illnesses. If you believe you may have been discriminated against in an employment setting based on a disability, our experienced employment law attorneys at Cable Gallagher can examine the facts of your case and provide you with clear options for moving forward.

How Employers Can Help

There are many things employers can do to help employees with physical or mental disabilities perform their work to the highest possible degree. For example:

  • Installing accessibility modifications
  • Adjusting work schedules
  • Allowing additional unpaid leave for medical purposes

Of course, there are some disabilities that are simply incompatible with the nature of certain jobs. But if an employee or a job applicant has the ability to perform the duties of the job given reasonable accommodation, an employer cannot discriminate based on the mere fact of that person's disability. Our knowledgeable attorneys at Cable Gallagher can answer any questions you might have about a potential disability discrimination incident, and provide guidance to help you assess your options.

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