Pregnancy And Childbirth Discrimination

People sometimes make a lot of assumptions about pregnant women. One of those assumptions is that pregnant women will abandon their careers when they have children. While no one can change anybody's internal biases, the law prohibits employers from making hiring, firing, promotion and other employment-related decisions based on a woman's pregnancy status. If you're pregnant and you think you may have experienced workplace discrimination because of it, we can help. Our attorneys at Cable Gallagher are experienced employment law advocates who can provide clarity about your situation and weigh the merits of your potential case.

What Does Pregnancy Discrimination Look Like?

The most obvious form that pregnancy discrimination can take is, of course, an employer refusing to hire a pregnant woman simply because she is pregnant. But there are other ways pregnancy discrimination can manifest in the workplace, including:

  • Refusing to offer medical coverage for pregnancy
  • Requiring pregnant women, but not others, to provide a doctor's note for requested medical leave
  • Not holding a woman's job for her during pregnancy leave
  • Requiring a woman to remain on leave for the whole allotted duration
  • Not making temporary accommodations for pregnancy-related conditions
  • Firing a woman after she takes pregnancy leave

Being pregnant is not a punishable offense. If you are facing difficulty at work because of a biased employer, we can help.

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