Hostile Work Environment

If you are trying to work in an environment where your boss or other employees freely use inappropriate language, openly display inappropriate images or tell offensive jokes, it can create an extremely uncomfortable working situation known as a hostile work environment. You may also be mired in a hostile work environment if you work with someone who engages in unwanted touching or leering that makes you feel uncomfortable. A hostile work environment can hamper your productivity, cause emotional suffering and is against the law. At Cable Gallagher, our employment law attorneys fight for the rights of clients to work in a fair and respectful environment. If you have questions about whether you might be employed in a hostile work environment, call our Folsom, California, office toll free at 800-618-5571.

Hostile work environment cases often settle quickly because the accused party does not want the bad publicity or disruptions to personal relationships that such a case could cause. This is especially true where there is a recorded trail of letters, emails or texts. These cases may become complicated, however, as they also contain elements of other areas of employment law, including:

When you come in for your free initial consultation, you will sit down with a lawyer who will listen to your situation and outline a likely scenario for how your case might proceed. We are sensitive to the fact that it may be hard for you to return to an employment situation after filing a lawsuit. At the same time, a resolution for such cases as these may take years and more of a financial buffer zone than you have. We take care to make sure that you have all the information you need before making a decision about how to move forward.

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