Overtime Violation Lawyer

When you're an employee, you're supposed to get paid for the time that you work, period. It's frustrating if you find that there are pockets of time at work for which you are not being paid. What's more, it's against the law. If you believe that your employer may be forcing you to accept overtime violations as part of your job, one of our experienced employment law attorneys at Cable Gallagher can study your situation and inform you of your rights.

A Constellation Of Small Insults Add Up

If you're a worker who is being paid in an unfair manner, chances are you have more than one complaint. Overtime violations can be insidious, and can occur when:

  • You're being told to clock out and then perform extra duties for no pay.
  • Your employer doesn't provide required breaks.
  • You're not being paid overtime wages for overtime hours.
  • You're required to come in early or stay late, and the extra time is not accounted for.

Chances are you're not working in a poorhouse in Victorian England, so don't get used to doing extra work for free. If you're reaching your breaking point with your employer's persistent overtime violations, come talk to one of our overtime violation lawyers. We offer free initial consultations so you can find out your rights obligation-free, and decide how you'd like to move forward.

Start Demanding Fairness Today

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