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The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but it can also sometimes get the pink slip. Employees who complain about or report wrongdoing within their own ranks sometimes face retaliatory actions, including wrongful termination as thinly veiled punishment for their so-called "betrayal." If you reported something about your company and have since lost your job, been demoted, or had your work duties diminished in some way, you may have a valid workplace retaliation case. Employers are prohibited by law from taking these punitive actions against employees who may have legitimate complaints. Even if the complaint is not legitimate, however, if an employer retaliates against you for the mere fact that you complained about something, this can also be considered workplace retaliation. If you're unsure if your experience qualifies as retaliation, our knowledgeable employment law attorneys at Cable Gallagher can answer your questions and determine if pursuing a lawsuit might be worth it for you.

Standing Outside The Circled Wagons

Sometimes, employees face a choice between quietly enduring unethical behavior in the workplace and reporting that behavior and risking whatever consequences may come. Employers can deal with these complaints in a number of ways, but those who choose to retaliate against the messenger rather than fix the problem may face bigger problems down the road. In a workplace retaliation lawsuit, an employee could argue that he or she was retaliated against after filing a complaint because he or she had been:

  • Fired
  • Demoted
  • Given poor evaluations
  • Disciplined
  • Given a pay cut

Often, it can be easier for employees or former employees to file a retaliation claim once folded into the security of a new job. Returning to an environment with people who have already retaliated against you, or who may not rejoice to see you back can be a risky move. A similar issue exists for people who have been wrongfully terminated and want to be reinstated. This is not to say that filing a lawsuit is not worth it, or that you should not try to go back to your job. At Cable Gallagher, we simply try to right what is already wrong, making sure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your career and future.

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