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Sacramento News & Review - August 4, 2016: Allen Warren's neighborhood

The District 2 councilman owes money all over town. He's been sued dozens of times. And North Sacramento loves him.

Racial Discrimination at Mix Downtown

Racial discrimination matter involving a young black woman who was at the Mix Downtown when she was manhandled by a security guard.

The Sacramento Bee - July 6, 2016: West Sacramento's TBD Fest hit with new breach of contract lawsuit

Sacramento News & Review:July 28, 2016: Black women’s group boycotts Mix Downtown amid allegations of racial discrimination

Rare Trial Court Victory for Business Owner in ADA Lawsuit

Johnson v. Sandhu

Scott Johnson is a well-known professional plaintiff and serial ADA litigant. Together with his team of attorneys, he haunts Northern California businesses looking for trivial violations of the ADA and/or related California state accessibility laws and files suit. Mr. Johnson and his team then routinely make bloated and outrageous settlement demands to the business owners who are placed in the unenviable "no win" situation of either incurring the expense of litigation or paying off Mr. Johnson. Unfortunately, most business owners choose to do the latter, assuming that if a violation of the ADA exists then the result of a trial is a foregone and unfortunate conclusion. This assumption is often incorrect. In fact, in May 2016, the San Joaquin County Superior Court ruled that the mere existence of a ADA violation is not enough to establish liability. Instead, the plaintiff must also prove that the violation created an actual impediment to accessing the business. Based on this reasoning, the Superior Court ruled against Mr. Johnson and in favor of the business owner.

Stockton Record - June 1, 2016: Serial litigant takes rare loss in SJ County