Dog Bites

Dog bite cases are no laughing matter. At Cable Gallagher, our lawyers take these cases seriously. A majority of our practice focuses on personal injury matters - helping to protect the public and use the legal system to work for injury victims. In Folsom, throughout the Sacramento Valley and in northern Nevada, our firm provides the dedicated representation our clients depend on.

A dog bite attack can be a minor incident to a life-threatening situation. Depending on the gravity of the injuries, victims may experience a lengthy healing process or long-term pain. Many victims are children. We have experience dealing with dog bite cases of all types. We guide adults through the process of establishing medical treatment and pursuing compensation. We reassure parents of children while we prepare the details of their child's case.

California laws provide strong protection for victims of dog attacks. Owners are held strictly liable for injuries to a person, unless the person was in the dog's yard or provoked the dog. Victims may recover significant damages for injuries and losses and in some cases, the homeowners insurance policy may provide coverage. With more than 15 years of experience in personal injury litigation, we provide a thorough and detailed evaluation of all facets of your case:

  • Information gathering - evidence, witness statements, history about the dog and owner and other information to show fault
  • Considering the victim's needs - gaining a full picture of the damages to the victim, medical needs, financial concerns and psychological impact

Put the needs of your child or yourself first and contact our firm to talk about your dog bite case. We will explain the process and make sure you are comfortable through each step.

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