About Jennifer Gallagher

A varied experience in many areas, with a financial focus

Greetings, and welcome. By now you may have spent some time reading through a myriad of articles and opinion pieces I have been writing in my spare time. You may have grown curious about the person behind the scenes.

Well,  my name is Jennifer Gallagher, I’m a 40-something year old mother of one, happily married for nearly 20 years now. You’ll forgive me for not being super specific – It is rude to ask a lady how old she is, you know! 

I started this blog as a way to try and help those looking to find their way in the world of business. It can be a difficult thing to achieve, but despite all the hard work it is very rewarding. My own start was in the Cable/TV industry, something that has impacted my thought process throughout my varying career. Nowadays, I work primarily within the Financial sector, though I do still venture out from time to time. The name came from those origins and my name. Simple, but effective I hope. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a good day!