How To Control Splurge Shopping

Splurge shopping is when you make a purchase that you really can’t afford or is outside of your budget. For example, you may splurge on the most expensive cut of beef like a prime rib roast and your budget only allows for a cheaper cut. Or maybe it’s splurging on clothes that is your biggest weakness. Your budget accepts no name runners, and not the top-of-the-line biggest brand. For most people splurge shopping is a rare occasion or even a treat. Plus they may even check out this site and find the item they want can be bought at a discount. But, for others, splurge shopping is something they struggle to avoid.

Think About The Future

Every time you splurge it is most likely affecting your future. Chances are you are using credit cards to make these purchases. These mount up not to mention the interest you are paying. For me personally, as a splurge shopper, this is what I detest the most. What I forget to think about is that all the time I am paying for these splurges I am robbing myself of being able to save for my retirement. And while it may not sound well, saving for retirement is more important than spending on shopping. There could be so many instances when I would need money during my retired life. Take, for example, I might need to opt for in home aged care services sydney opportunities or something similar to it when I am old. And for that, I would need money. So, if I spend unnecessarily now, I might be restricting myself from having a sound and peaceful life in my golden years. However, this is not just it! It may also affect my ability to get a bridging loan down the line, which would be awful.

Wait Before You Act

What I found helped me was to wait before I acted. If I saw an item I wanted that was out of my budget, I trained myself to wait till the next day before actually buying it. This gave me time to think it over. I would focus on all the reasons that I didn’t really need that item. Now frequently I can avoid splurging on items I don’t really need.

Be Willing To Compromise

Most times, I find that if I do some research on certain sites similar to, I can probably find a comparable item for far less money. It might lack a feature that the higher-priced item has. Usually, I can’t justify the difference in the price for that one feature. It is one that I can do without.

Share Your Thoughts

If you have a spouse talk over this potential purchase with them. My wife usually comes up with some really valid reasons as to why I don’t need the item. Or she will suggest we shop around for an alternative. It is much harder to splurge when your spouse isn’t on board with the purchase.

Focus On Your Financial Goals

You may have some financial goals that you are working towards. Like saving for a down payment on a house. Every time you splurge shop you are extending the completion of that goal. Think about the consequences of this. The longer you wait to buy a house the chance exists that the cost of the house will be more. Or the mortgage rates will be higher. Or the mortgage rates will be higher. Also, try different ways where you can start earning some side money. The more you can earn, down the road, it could come helpful to you. You can start by researching ways to earn extra money and secure your financial balance. Check out this blog –, if interested to learn more.

Cash Only

I made the big step of only making purchases with cash. This put a real damper on my splurge shopping. I never had enough cash to make that big purchase. This was an important step for me as it really cut down my credit card spending.

Make It Difficult To Shop

I do most of my shopping online. Which makes it super easy to splurge shop. What I did here was take myself off the mailing list of my favorite stores. This way I wasn’t tempted to buy items because I wasn’t aware of them.

Be Aware Of Your Triggers

When I really gave some thought to my splurge shopping, I realized there was always something that triggered this type of shopping spree. I discovered that it was normally when I was stressed out at work. Now I know how to identify the stress. Then I take other steps to reduce it. I have found that this has really cut my splurge shopping down to the point where it is no longer a problem.