Common Mistakes Vaping Business Owners Make (and How to Avoid Them)

In the interest of promoting vaping as the healthier alternative to traditional smoking, this article will look at some of the pitfalls when it comes to marketing a business that sells products relating to vaping. That is the device and the cartridge that fits inside it which contains the e-juice. Knowing these pitfalls will help business owners to avoid them and so build a more successful business in this area, benefitting e-cigarette users and the wider society.

Knowing Your Market

It is a common mistake to mix up your markets. A different promotion is required depending on whether you are looking to attract younger first-time users or persuade older smokers to vape instead. You are likely to attract the younger generation with exciting flavours and the traditional smokers with a familiar tobacco taste. Or perhaps with the taste of the pub or another familiar social occasion. For instance, the tastes and smells of familiar alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic beverages can be replicated with e-cigarettes. We all like the familiar. It can certainly be a way to attract people to e-cigarettes in the first place, as with familiarity comes safety. That is another thing that e-cigarettes promote – they are better for our health. Unfamiliarity, on the other hand, is seen as daring, and that is where the new and exciting flavours can be seen to attract the younger generation.

A promotional decision to make can be whether to promote the excitement of e-cigarettes or dwell on the health advantages for fear of sounding morbid. It is all about playing with someone’s feelings and what they believe is most important to them. Going down the health route will play on their conscience. After all, health is not just about the individual, it also impacts families, friends, and fellow citizens, through the effects of losing someone to the harmful effects of passive smoking that has been known to ostracise traditional smokers.

Promoting Too Many Flavours

There can be the temptation to promote too many different flavours all at the same time. There are, after all, thousands of different ones from different providers to choose from. So, the answer might be not to confuse the users and stock the key flavours from the various categories that are likely to attract. Alongside this can be some exciting or exotic flavours that might appeal to the experimenter.

It is useful to establish which flavours are the most popular, through not only the statistics of your sales but by conducting market research online and in conventional ways. We have to consider – is the user wanting to replicate the conventional cigarette they are finding it hard to wean off (by tasting tobacco) or are they wanting to try new and different flavours? Then, would they prefer flavours that they recognise already or a combination of them for variation? Mixing is common among vaping manufacturers to obtain a bespoke flavour that gives them the edge over their competitors. An exciting name can then provide an exotic association to that flavour. One can then imagine themselves vaping on a beach resembling paradise.

Digital Marketing

Those serving the vaping market will often advertise themselves in a small way, but in truth, the market is very competitive. In particular, the online one. So, you will need to think about how many are seeing your website. Visibility is everything when online will provide a lot of your vaping business. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are tools used in digital marketing that will rank your website higher than that of others. Both are effective when it comes to getting noticed and targeting those that are vaping.

The one thing that vapers rely on, after finding their vaporizer, is a consistent supply of cartridges containing the e-juices. Not only that, but there is a variety to choose from. Not to be blinded by too wide a choice to decide about, but to have enough to satisfy their taste buds. Do we go for the name, a recommendation, or the promise of it replicating a taste and flavour we are familiar with? The choice is vast but it is the user’s choice in the end. It is for the supplier to guide those that vape to their choice. Once a flavour has been out for a while it can then rely on the feedback of others. This feedback from users should be visible, yet controlled, on a website.

Extensive knowledge of social media will help promote vaping products to the younger target audience and allow for flavours to go viral.

In conclusion, we can avoid the common mistakes made by some of the other vaping suppliers. We just need to be aware of how many flavours we are offering at the same time, not to make it a bewildering choice. We should also adopt online effective marketing techniques so that our flavour is noticed above all the others.

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